Home Defense Tactics


Home Defense weapons. Any weapon used for home defense must first be simple enough to use so that when it is needed there isn't a need to relearn procedures for operation. A Revolver is the simplest to use and a simi-automatic handgun is reliable and can carry between 10 to 13 rounds with one magazine. Remember a home invasion is an emotionally charges event and your acute motor skills aren't going to work as effectively as they would otherwise so the weapons should be big enough so you don't have to fumble around with it.


Reach from where I rest. Three things that are most important to have within immediate reach while you are in bed are your fire arm, flash light, and phone. All emergency actions should be able to be done without going far from the bed and while in the dark.


Fear of the rack. For those who are apprehensive about actually employing a firearm always remember deterrence is a part of the equation in home defense. The simple racking of a shotgun from a second floor room will bring fear to even trained professionals on either side of the law.


Sleepy eyes realize. If you have been at rest or at least in the dark for up to 30 minutes, your natural night vision is at its peak. If the home invader has come from a moderately light area outside you're night vision is better than his and the advantage in the dark belongs to you. You truly own the night. The flash light then plays two critical roles, one it helps you identify the threat ahead of you and two it takes away what little night vision the home invader had. Note strobed lights have an even better effect on disorienting and intruder because it forces the eyes to readjust rapidly.


Know my floors, check my doors. If your bedroom is above the first floor you have to be conscious of the floor noises that come with you walking around. The less an intruder knows about where you are until you are in a position to engage them the better it is for you. If there are other people living with you in other rooms like your children you should know how to move to these rooms in the dark.


Want to know more about protecting your home? Or even better, learn the tactics and techniques and see for your self how they work? You can request a visit to our Tactical Applications Center @ 1620 Lucas Rd, Knightdale, NC 27545. Just provide your contact information to homedefense@maxtactx.com. You will be contacted immediately for future scheduling. For those who can't make it to our state of the art compound, mobile on site training can be provided. Just make note of the on site training option in the email. Either way you'll learn and apply these few tips provided above along with many more including a client favorite, Get To The Choppa! 


Stay Safe, and Protect Your House!



CJ "SWATGeek" Lucas

Principle Security Consultant, Maxtactx Systems LLC



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